Don't Settle For Less Than Amazing Copy

I help marketing agencies with limited in-house resources achieve consistent, high-quality content through a collaborative and client-focused approach.

Kim Ingram's Picture

Bryan & Patti Webster

Aviation Egress Systems

We recently hired Kim to revamp our website’s content and could not be more impressed with the results. She was able to quickly grasp the intricacies of our business and industry. It was truly a pleasure to work with Kim, and appreciated her confident, cheerful and efficient manner. Thanks to Kim’s incredible work, our website now perfectly represents our brand’s values and mission. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Serra McSymytz

The Magpie Group

PruvIT has such a unique story to tell, and we were excited to be the ones to share it. Our core messaging process really brought clarity to this AG-tech innovator’s mission and provided the basis for the copy on the website. Kim’s experience in web copy and her fresh perspective was a big help as she optimized the copy and helped us maximize its impact for a digital audience.

Hana Drdla

Web Developer

Kim took the time to really understand my business goals and research my industry. She rewrote my website content to sound more professional and improve SEO, but in a way that still felt like it was me speaking. The changes she suggested made so much sense and I just know that the keywords she included are going to help more people find my services. Kim was very professional throughout the process and her work is brilliant!

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