AI Policy

Learn how I leverage AI for tasks like topic research and proofreading while maintaining originality and effectiveness in my copywriting.

Many clients ask if I use AI tools when writing marketing copy. And, if so, how.

Here is my policy.

I specialize in writing copy that is original and effective. To accomplish that, I maintain the role of primary writer — doing the important thinking, strategizing, and wordsmithing myself — especially when composing an initial draft.

I do, however, use AI as a kind of writer’s assistant. For example, I might get an AI to:

  • Transcribe an interview.
  • Summarize an article, web page, or video.
  • Research a topic and find reputable sources.
  • Provide insights into a target market; particularly what motivates them to buy.
  • Generate ideas for creative concepts or content topics.
  • Come up with fresh examples, scenarios, stories, analogies, metaphors, turns-of-phrases, etc. to use in the copy.
  • Review a draft and recommend edits and improvements.
  • Proofread for typos, grammar, and other errors.
  • Play the role of your customer and tell me how persuasive the copy is from that POV.

If you provide me with information that is a trade secret or otherwise confidential, I will never input that information into an AI without your approval.

The bottom line is regardless of how I use AI tools, my work for you will always be original and leverage my years of experience writing engaging, high-response copy. I guarantee it.

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